Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about us. Whether you choose us or not, we hope you find answers as you wrestle with these decisions that lie ahead.

Know that we sincerely honor you and will center this adoption journey around the choices you make for you and your child. We respect the process and will support you in whatever way you choose. Motherhood, pregnancy and birthing plans should be celebrated and supported. We are here for you.

It’s important to us that this child is surrounded by not only people who love them but people who look like them and share a similar heritage. We will celebrate their whole history and culture. We pledge to make that a priority so they can be proud of their past, present and future.

Adoption found its way into our hearts after Amy experienced a life-threatening pregnancy complication. We are grateful every day for our healthy daughter. We cannot wait to grow our family through adoption and share all the love we have with this extraordinary child.




Friendship laid the foundation for our relationship. We met during our college years through mutual friends. But we didn’t go on a date for about seven years later – when the stars aligned and we were both single at the same time. Our relationship was a long distance one at first. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other over the phone, spending weekends together and even traveling to Italy. A few years after that first date we got married in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Our marriage was tested early on due to Amy’s severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, June’s six week stay in the NICU and Amy’s mom fighting breast cancer. We found out quickly how well we work together as a team and somehow made it out of a very challenging time even closer.

We hold our family and friends very close in our hearts. We show love through kind actions and shared experiences, not material things. Traveling together with June is one of our favorite things to do; seeing new places and experiencing the world outside of our own.

Our main goal as a family is to love and support each other, help each other reach our full potential and encourage each other to make the world a better place. We want to ensure our children become thoughtful people who see the best in others. Who feel empowered to be their authentic self.

We believe our parenting style is about being good examples. We live our values and know our children will replicate that. We are open to learning and making ourselves better all the time; which is something we see June already doing now too. We want to ensure our kids are on the right path, which means giving them positive guidance to do that.

Our faith in God helps encourage us to emulate His teachings – to be more kind and loving to everyone. Our faith does not revolve around rituals and religious standards. We believe God is love and love is everything.



This charming ranch is a place we’re grateful to call home. It’s welcoming, cheerful, clean and safe. But better yet, it’s packed with beautiful memories. We look forward to making many, many more. Ultimately, we know it’s not the house that makes the home; it’s our love and care for each other.

We are relatively new to our community. However, we have quickly found the people and places that have made it feel familiar. Collin’s brother and his family moved here shortly after us, so it’s fantastic to live near family.

The town is close to Madison, near a beautiful state park, filled with fun playgrounds, a new bike trail, and good food. It boasts great schools. And if you ever needed anything, the community would quickly jump in to help.



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  • We will unconditionally love this child.

  • We will ensure love, joy, safety, and wellness surrounds them.

  • We will allow them to be their authentic self.

  • We will lead by example and guide them towards success.

  • We will celebrate their whole history and heritage.

  • We will raise your child so they know and understand the selfless decision you made.